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Vega VegaWeb Monitoring System
vegaweb01VegaWeb provides a plug and play solution to monitoring Aids to Navigation equipment for both Vega and third party products. Gone are the needs for a user to have their own computer setup and communication network to operate a monitoring system. More detail
ledvlb 36wreckIt is part of the VLB-36 LED marine beacon family. More detail
Vega PEL-3 Sector Light
pelpel 32The PEL-3 Sector Light has been designed for night use on solar-powered installations.  It can also be used day+night, and with commercial power via the VPR-36 switch-mode power supply. More detail
Vega PEL-6 Sector Light
pelpel 6The PEL-6 Sector Light has been designed to operate day+night, and provide a 24-hour signal from a single source.  There is no need for separate day marks or more than one tower. More detail
Vega VLB-2 LED Marine Beacon
ledvlb 2The VLB-2 is a high capacity marine beacon designed to provide 2NM performance and long battery autonomy in high latitude applications. The Self Contained unit can be supplied with a 9Ah battery for standard application or an 18Ah battery for extended battery autonomy. More detail
Vega VLB-36 LED Marine Beacon
ledvlb 36A self-powered marine beacon with up to 320 cd peak intensity with 7 and 10 degrees vertical divergence. Three sizes of solar box (medium size shown). Designed to meet US Coast Guard specification 502 and 503 for 5NM Self Contained Beacon. Mounting is via 3 studs on 200 mm diameter circle. More detail
ledvlb 36obThe obstacle light is an extension of the Vega VLB-36 LED Beacon range for applications where a wide asymmetrical vertical profile is required. This profile meets the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) for Type A and Type B obstacle lights. More detail
Vega VLB-40 LED Railway Crossing Signal Light
vlb 40 The Vega VLB-40 Level Crossing Signal Light is a major breakthrough in applied LED technology. Vega has applied its expertise in optics, precision instrument engineering and electronic design to produce a fully sealed, clip-in replacement optic which is much brighter than existing incandescent lamps, but uses only half the... More detail
Vega VLB-44 LED Harbour Traffic Light
ledvlb 44tlThe extended feature model of the VLB-44 LED marine beacon is intended for application where an increased level of control and monitoring is required compared to the standard VLB-44 beacon. In particular these additional features allow the beacon to be used in harbour traffic light applications as detailed in the... More detail
Vega VLB-44 LED Marine Beacon
ledvlb 44The VLB-44 LED Beacons are factory sealed for life, and are ideal for use on floating buoys or at fixed sites. Long and reliable life – with no moving parts and no filament lamps to replace, it offers the promise of a reliable 10-year service life. More detail

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