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SL-BR Bridge Light

The SL-BR is an LED Sectored Bridge Light specifically designed to clearly mark bridges and structures extending over navigable waterways and is used extensively throughout the USA.

The SL-BR has been designed to offer superior visibility and operate in conjunction with existing power supplies.

The sectored lantern is fixed-on as standard, but is available with a range of other factory-set flash characteristics and sectoring requirements to suit local regulations.

The light is available as configured to operate from 12v power with 6 metres of cable for easy installation.

The SL-BR can also be supplied as a complete solar/battery system to comply with requirements of regional governing bodies such as the U.S. Coast Guard, or the IALA Recommendations for the marking of fixed bridges over navigable waters.

All colours are available to suit your demands. 

Contact your local Solar Technology Australia representative for further details.

Manufacturer: Sealite
Model Number: SL-BR

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