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SL-C510 Solar Marine Lantern

The Sealite SL-C510 lantern is the first small form factor 5-9NM+ range that incorporates all of today’s latest technology.

With its mid-range incorporating two-way global satellite technology, OLED display, Bluetooth connectivity and exclusive monitoring and control options.

The SL-C510 is high intensity, completely self-contained and offers class leading features to improve the way customers manage their valuable aids to navigation assets. Designed with next generation solar technology including individual active maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and enhanced LED optics, the range offers high operating efficiency and run time.

The SL-C510 is designed and manufactured to withstand the tough marine environment and is a game changer for maintenance staff with easy and fast maintenance now a viable option.

All colours are available to suit your demands.

Contact your local Solar Technology Australia representative for further details.

Manufacturer: Sealite
Model Number: SL-C510

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