Solar Technology Australia

Aqua Buoy 1300

Solar Technology Australia’s Aqua Buoy 1300 (AB1300) is the original, long life, low maintenance, and cost-effective marine aid to navigation.

The buoy is modular in design with a patented durable buoy base (1340mm in diameter) complete with closed-cell polyurethane foam filling. This buoy is virtually indestructible.

A light weight IALA shaped and coloured buoy top is easily installed on the buoy base via stainless steel nut inserts. A solid 24mm steel eyebolt with large hook-up ring in inserted through the buoy base. 

Sign writing can be applied to the buoy top or base if required and a range of solar navigation lights can easily be installed on the buoy.

The buoy is completely modular, so transportation and storage costs are minimised. The modular system allows easy and quick manufacture on site.

Contact your local Solar Technology Australia representative for further details.

*Lights, stickers are not included. 

Manufacturer: Solar Technology Australia
Model Number: AB1300

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