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SL-PEL Port Entry Light

The Sealite 10 degree LED port entry light (PEL) is a low powered, high-intensity precision sector light, suitable for day or night time use. Providing over 120,000cd at 30watts, the Sealite PEL is extraordinarily efficient and ideal for solar power systems.

The PEL has a visible daytime range of 3.5NM and is designed to suit high-precision sector applications and provides a measured changeover between colour sectors of typically one minute of arc.

The Sealite PEL is extremely robust and of high-quality construction and with its compact design it removes the need for split assemblies and realignment on difficult access sites.

The Port Entry Light can be configured to suit many channel marking and leading line applications. Independently controlled LED drivers provide balanced colour output across colours, or the white center sector can be increased in intensity to simulate filament/filter combinations. The PEL comes with convenient PC programming via USB, ready for interfacing with Sealite Type 1 or Type 3 AIS solutions and GSM monitoring facilities through a cell-phone.

The Port Entry Light does not require focusing or re-lamping while in service, and there are no moving parts.

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Manufacturer: Sealite
Model Number: SL-PEL-10

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