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SL-70 Solar Marine Lantern

The Sealite SL-70 is exceptional in its unique ability to be able to ‘track the sun’ and operate reliably in low sunlight conditions. The SL-70 has been proven to operate as a 2-3nm + compact buoy lantern in various low sunlight environments.

Made from tough, durable polycarbonate and using the latest high intensity LEDs, the SL-70 lantern boasts dual high-performance solar modules incorporated into Sealite’s world-first Solar Collection Lens. These solar modules are angled to obtain maximum sunlight capture, allowing the unit to operate reliably in a range of low sunlight environments.

The SL-70 can be installed in minutes and requires no operator intervention. The flash characters are easily adjusted onsite by the user, and the lantern has a permanent ON/OFF switch for easy storage.

All colours are available to suit your demands.

Optional RF Synchronisation

The SL-70 is available with optional short-range RF Synchronisation. Two or more lights can be synchronised to flash in unison via an internal RF module. When lanterns flash in synchronisation they can be clearly distinguished from other navaids and confusing background lighting – ideal for rivers, marina entrances, channel marking and aquaculture.

Optional Radio Control System

Radio control may be fitted to the SL-70 model enabling users to remotely modify the setup of their lantern via handheld radio controller.

Optional Larger Battery Pack

In regions where additional autonomy is required, the SL-70 can be supplied with a larger 16Ah battery pack - this greatly extends the operational autonomy.

Contact your local Solar Technology Australia representative for further details.

Manufacturer: Sealite
Model Number: SL-70

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