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SL-75 Solar Marine Lantern

Sealite’s SL-75 is a next-generation solar marine lantern that has the capacity to reach up to 3-5nm+ in range.

The lantern incorporates dual high-performance solar panels for maximum sunlight capture and utilises the latest Bluetooth® technology for convenient configuration and maintenance. This innovation reduces maintenance times, improves productivity, and reduces safety risks by minimising the need to climb onto a buoy or structure.

The SL-75 can be installed in minutes and requires no operator intervention. The flash characters are easily adjusted onsite by the user, and the lantern has a permanent ON/OFF switch for easy storage.

All colours are available to suit your demands.

Optional GPS Synchronisation

GPS synchronisation allows two or more units set to the same flash character to flash in unison, improving visual recognition of boundaries or marine channels.

Optional GSM

GSM gives users the added ability to control and monitor the asset remotely.

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Manufacturer: Sealite
Model Number: SL-75

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