Solar Technology Australia

Marine Lanterns

Solar Technology Australia have access to the highest quality, proven marine lanterns for harbours, ports & waterways.

SL-15 Solar Marine Lantern

The Sealite SL-15 1-2nm+ compact LED light is exceptional value and incorporates some of the most advanced technology available.


SL-48 2ft Leading Light

The SL-48 is a 2ft LED leading light designed to offer vessels clear night navigation and is a convenient replacement for conventional lead lighting.


SL-60 Solar Marine Lantern

The Sealite SL-60 is the world’s most popular and versatile 2–3nm+ solar marine light.


SL-70 Solar Marine Lantern

The Sealite SL-70 is exceptional in its unique ability to be able to ‘track the sun’ and operate reliably in low sunlight conditions.


SL-75 Solar Marine Lantern

Sealite’s SL-75 is a next-generation solar marine lantern that has the capacity to reach up to 3-5nm+ in range.


SL-96 4ft Leading Light

The SL-96 is a 4ft LED leading light offering greater visibility.


SL-155 Stand Alone Lantern

The SL-155 is a 6-13NM mid-range marine lantern available in 2.5, 5 or 10-degree vertical distributions.


SL-C310 Solar Marine Lantern

Sealite’s SL-C310 series are completely self-contained that have a 3-5NM+ range.


SL-C510 Solar Marine Lantern

The Sealite SL-C510 lantern is the first small form factor 5-9NM+ range that incorporates all of today’s latest technology.


SL-ODSL Omni-Directional Sector Lantern

The SL-ODSL Omni-Directional Sector Lantern is a high intensity, two-tier marine lantern with a range of up to 11NM.


SL-PEL Port Entry Light

The Sealite 10 degree LED port entry light (PEL) is a low powered, high-intensity precision sector light, suitable for day or night time use.

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